2nd Annual Healthcare Blogger Meetup @ HIMSS

Meetup (mēt ŭp) n.
  1. A meeting of individuals or groups who organized around a common interest.
  2. A social networking phenomenon whereby like interested individuals can quickly gather.

The 2007 edition of the annual HIMSS Conference is well underway. I finally downloaded the brochure to day to review the contents and begin to plan my time at the show. As part of my own personal networking efforts, I came across the 2nd Annual Healthcare Bloggers Meetup, hosted by Shahid Shah, the Healthcare IT Guy and originator of the
HITSphere blog aggregator. Last year about 30 individuals showed up for to chat about their experiences in the healthcare IT blogosphere.

Should be interesting to see whats going down at the meet up.



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2 responses to “2nd Annual Healthcare Blogger Meetup @ HIMSS

  1. Tim Gee

    Scott, if you would like a Meet the Blogger graphic for your site, email me at tim@medicalconnectivity.com.

  2. Scott Shreeve, MD

    Cool – send it my way and I will post it.

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