Knowledge Prostitution enabling Aggregated Voyeurism: Is this a Business Model?

Voyeurism (voi-yûr’ ĭzəm) n.


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4 responses to “Knowledge Prostitution enabling Aggregated Voyeurism: Is this a Business Model?

  1. Scott Shreeve, MD


    Sermo announces today a new collaboration with Pfizer:

    Dear Dr. Shreeve,

    Today, Pfizer has asked the Sermo community to start working with it to help re-define how physicians and pharma interact.

    Our community has continually posted discussions about pursuing a more productive relationship with pharmaceutical companies, and Pfizer has agreed to participate with us. This is likely to stir some groundbreaking discussions in the community, and I urge you to join in. You will be an integral part of determining how this relationship unfolds. You can read more on my post From the Founder: A strategic collaboration with Pfizer.

    In addition, I urge you to visit the post From Pfizer: Sermo Collaboration just entered by Dr. Michael Berelowitz, Senior Vice President of Global Medicine and New York Site Head of Worldwide Development for Pfizer, as he proposes how Pfizer hopes to build this relationship with our community.

    Sermo will always remain a banner free environment where the physician needs come first. There will be no changes to the physician experience or the way Sermo clients interact with the community or AlphaMD.

    As always, please contact me with any questions at or 617-497-1110. There are exciting times ahead for the Sermo community.


    Daniel Palestrant, MD
    Founder and CEO

  2. John

    This is inevitable.

    Sermo is first and foremost a business and one with every intention of growing and making its founders and VC backers a boat-load of money. It is not alturistic.
    And based on some of the furor around the medgadget story, Sermo has a very dedicated fan-base. Hopefully, in aligning with such such companies as Pfizer (who’s next GE or Siemens), Sermo will be able to actually add value to the community without alienating them, but this will not be easy. They must put very strict controls on how these partners will engage the Sermo community.

    See this as not at all unlike what we may see in the future over on the consumer side of the fence with PHRs and newer PHPs (personal health platforms, ala HealthVault).

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