Incoming! Microsoft Aims for the Clouds

Cloud (kloud) n.
  1. Computer term describing rich Internet applications, traditionally installed on personal computers, reconfigured to run over the Internet (or “cloud”).
  2. Cloud applications utilize massive data centers and powerful servers that host web applications and web services accessible to anyone on the world wide computer grid (or “network”).
  3. The architecture behind cloud computing is a massive network of “cloud servers” interconnected as if in a grid running in parallel, sometimes using the technique of virtualization to maximize computing power per server.

The whole Microsoft thing is about to go non-linear.

Late to the ‘net, late to the cloud . . . but deeper pockets than anyone in our galaxy.

Monkey boy about to go whole hog open source . . . is it freezing somewhere?



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One response to “Incoming! Microsoft Aims for the Clouds

  1. Scott, Thanks for connecting some the dots between health care and MSFT’s grander strategies. However, could be be a little less wishy washy about your preferences between Google Health v. HealthVault 🙂

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