Day 44: Lets Get this Party Started – It’s Hammertime!

Hammer (hăm’ər) v.

  1. To hit, especially repeatedly, with or as if with a hammer; pound.
  2. To force upon by constant repetition
  3. To defeat soundly, to inflict a heavy loss or damage on.

It has been months in the making, years in the formation, and what seems like an eternity to finally arrive but it was finally Hammertime today! The Crossover Health vision finally bounced off the drawing board and the architectural plans into the sweet sound of concrete screws sinking deeply through metal studs into hungry cement (been reading too much Hemingway lately):

Before the studs went up . . .

Studs Going Up

. . . and with initial studs up. Unfortunately, we missed alot of this because our electrician's unwittingly cut the power without understanding what the "funky camera's" were for.

As many of you know who have been following out story, we are using some cool technology to help keep our fans appraised of what we are doing. With the help of Ek Media, we have installed two cameras that are capturing the action as it occurs and streaming it through Flickr. The Flickr stream is accomplished through out WiFi enable cameras which snap a picture at intervals we set. We also have an established direct link from our iPhones to enable any picture we want to be embedded in the stream. Want to review something with your contractor who is off site? Snap a photograph and send it via email with the added benefit that it gets embedded into the stream. Sharing a lighter moment with the electricians, snap away and it gets added to the stream as well.  Really cool and will be helpful in telling our story.


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