Unsustainable: Worth a Thousand Words

I don’t even think there is anything to say about this picture:

This is why our health care system as current constructed is a massive #FAIL. Obamacare does NOTHING to change this.




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4 responses to “Unsustainable: Worth a Thousand Words

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  2. Ron Cormier

    Wow. I agree this is a massive fail. But how can you say that Meaningful Use and Accountable Care Organization concept won’t do anything to change this?! It seems to me that their end goal is similar to yours: 1)patients working much more closely with providers and 2) pushing out payers.

    • Ron,

      Thanks for your comment. I have said nothing about meaningful use (other than it is overhyped and to me irrelevant – I don’t accept any form of third party payment including medicare). I love the concept of the ACO – and look forward to seeing what it really means. I just have a very hard time believing that shortsighted physicians are going to voluntarily agree to work together as well as split fees (although I have to believe that there are examples somewhere). I personally just don’t believe that will happen. You have to have some overarching organizational thread that ties your incentives together as well as the infrastructure that can operationalize the promise of the ACO.

      I see a logical progression form the Medical Home (PCMH) model to the Medical Neighborhood (ACO) model as you begin to take on risk.

  3. Epic Fail! What does OBAMACARE care?!

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