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Extirpating the “Health Insurance” myth

Extirpating (ĕk’stər-pāt’) v.

  1. To pull up by the roots.
  2. To destroy totally; exterminate.
  3. To remove by surgery.

I recently took a great road trip with my two boys. We rented one of the new Kia Soul’s which my boys recognized from a very funny commercial developed to highlight its hipster (hamster?) vibe. The commercial reminded me of the old Hamburger A or Hamburger B commercials from Wendys back in the late 80’s wherein this ludicrous contrast is set up to demarcate the dichotomy between two distinct choices.

This modern reinvention of that age old contrast struck me because it is something that I deal with everyday in explaining Crossover Health to people. It all stems from a pervasive misconception about the term “Health Insurance”

Understanding the components parts of our modern conception of "Health Insurance" is the our first step toward meaningful reform.

The challenge is that “Health Insurance” is a confused term which most people equate with both Health Care (care delivery) and Health Finance (how you pay for it). Our current employer based system (wherein your employer provides and in most cases pays for your insurance) as well as a third party insurance payment system (we have the insurance pay for us) creates all kinds of weird incentives but also results in no accountability in terms of cost, quality, or outcome. It is currently imploding before our eyes.

Our reaction, both opportunistic as well as obligatory, is to do something totally different by blowing up the current Health Insurance model and separating out Health Care from how you pay for it (Health Financing). We say that there is a better way to do BOTH – pay your physician directly for the care you need and then get smart about how you pay for it with the right insurance product. In fact, you should “self insure” with the highest deductible plan you can find and then take responsibility for your health for all the small stuff or hire someone to do that for you (like Crossover Personal Health Advisory Service). There is no reason to intermediate with a parasitic organizations that are taking your premium dollars and wasting it on overhead, fancy offices, mindless phone trees, and my all time favorite “this is not a bill” disinformation pamphlets.

As people begin to take this in (they always get how the practice model is a radically improvement), they immediately revert back to the combined “Health Insurance” concept.  Does Crossover Health want to replace my current “Health Insurance”? The answer is slightly nuanced, but a resounding YES!  I want to replace what you call “Health Insurance” with a direct “Health Care” product (Crossover Health) and a smarter Health Finance product (highest deductible you can get).

We believe there are large and significant opportunities to roll this into a single product that can be purchased by employers, families, and other organizations seeking fresh alternatives that can demonstrate not only trend bending improvements but trend busting outcomes.



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Crossover Health: Welcome to Next Generation Health Care!

Crossover Health Launches New Model of Primary Care in South Orange County
Innovative membership service delivers Urgent, Primary, and Online Care

Aliso Viejo, CA (PRWEB) October 1, 2010

Crossover Health Medical Group announced today the launch of their flagship membership-based, primary care practice in Aliso Viejo, California. The new clinic will offer urgent, primary, and online care services directly to individual members, families, and employer groups. Membership based health care is a new health care finance and delivery innovation that has gained widespread popularity as the cost of health insurance and ongoing service deficiencies have plagued the current health care delivery system. The Crossover membership model decouples health care from health insurance, and allows individuals and organizations to purchase primary care directly from health care providers who offer increased access, enhanced services, and an exceptional service experience.

“The membership-based practice model allows Crossover Health to fundamentally change the way health care is practiced, delivered, and experienced,” according to Chief Executive Officer Scott Shreeve, MD. “Crossover has been specifically designed to restore and enhance the patient-physician relationship, increase access and convenience, reduce the cost of health care, and deliver an unprecedented patient experience.” The membership fee pays for access to the technology enabled practice and wellness services, as well as affordable prices for office visits, specialty consultations, and ongoing health management followups. A health concierge is assigned to each member to assist in overseeing follow-ups, proactive health maintenance, and care coordination. Crossover also provides health advisory services to guide patients in financial decisions related to the management of their health.

Crossover Health introduces two key innovations to the membership model. First, Crossover members have direct access to their physician via Crossover’s unique online, anytime, from anywhere technology platform that includes options for email, text, and video chat consultations. Second, the technology also enables a direct financial, administrative, and clinical relationship between the patient and their personal physician and the extended Crossover care team of medical specialists, diagnostic testing centers, and other licensed professionals. This inherent connectivity enables the creation of the Crossover Health Network™, a network of specialist providers who commit to deliver to a specific service level, make their prices transparent to members, and communicate on a common platform. The result is a simple, efficient, and affordable care experience.

“Many people, including employers, are surprised to find out how affordable exceptional health care can be when purchased directly from the physician,” said Chief Medical Officer Richard Patragnoni, MD. “Members can typically save a significant amount of money while enjoying a broader range and higher quality of personalized service to meet individual, family, or corporate health needs.” Crossover offers a variety of individual and corporate memberships that provide essential primary and preventive care services as well as targeted wellness programs like medical weight loss, executive health programs, health portfolio management, and virtual clinics.

Crossover Health memberships appeal to individuals looking to establish a personal relationship with a physician, families whose care requires a higher service level, and busy professionals who need flexible access to their physician. Membership care is particularly attractive to employers facing annual double digit health care cost increases. Employers using this model have consistently shown significant reduction in inappropriate utilization, dramatic improvements in satisfaction, and cost savings of up to 50% when bundled with lower premium insurance plans. Crossover Health is currently accepting new members throughout the Orange County area.


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Day 40 through Day 5: Its all a blur

Blur (blûr) v.

  1. To make indistinct and hazy in outline or appearance; obscure.
  2. To smear or stain; smudge.
  3. To lessen the perception of

As those who follow this blog know, we have been counting down from the 90 day mark toward our grand opening. The actual countdown has been expanded by the time-space continuum in that as you approach the speed of light time actually slows down.

Crossover Health Showroom feature wall and self check in area.
Crossover is all about a simple, affordable, and efficient health care experience.

However, the last 35 days have zoomed by without me providing the regular updates so here you go:

  • Finished buildout
  • Finished finish work
  • Completed cement work in Showroom
  • Build out of furniture (we did it all at Ikea!)
  • Worked out workflow issues with new software, new site, and new team
  • Build out XR room
  • Completed marketing campaign
  • Finished new website
  • Repainted extra space
  • Cleaned up, hauled out, polished up, rubbed off, and general spitshine
  • Invited friends and family to join us in Opening!

The good news is alot of it was captured on video or time lapse and I will be making some pointed comments in future posts regarding several aspects of our buildout and preparations for launch. Needless to say, it was a fabulous experience and we worked with an amazing high end retail builder – Display It – to create a space that is equal to the opportunity that we are pursuing. So take a long look . . . its all a blur to me.

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A Dream Fulfilled – Crossover Health to Open Flagship Store!

Dear Friends and Family,

As you know, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our flagship Crossover Health store in Aliso Viejo, CA later this Saturday. We are hosting a Grand Opening Reception on September 25, 2010 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at 26831 Aliso Creek Road, Suite 200. We look forward to celebrating with our friends, family, and colleagues who have helped to make this event possible. We look forward to seeing you there.

Crossover Health is a next generation health care organization that uses a membership based approach to fundamentally change the way health care is practiced, delivered, and experienced. Crossover has been specifically designed to restore and enhance the patient-physician relationship, reduce the cost of health care, increases access and convenience, and deliver an unprecedented patient experience. We look forward to sharing with you how we do this and how you can benefit from this new type of health care.

Be Direct. It is surprising how affordable, simple, and efficient health care can be when you purchase health care directly. Image used with permission from HelloHealth.

At the Open House we will showcasing our new store, demonstrating our technology platform, discussing our unique practice model, and highlighting the growing network of medical professionals, diagnostic facilities, and other referral partners who make up the Crossover Health Network™. Be one of the first to learn about and benefit from our urgent, primary, and online care services.

We look forward to welcoming you to this Saturday at the Grand Opening Reception!

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Day 41: Lighting up the SoCal sky


We have all see the Olympic Torch lighting ceremony and the power of that particular symbolism. We are also familiar with many of the references of a “candle on a hill”, the faithful lighthouse, and the touching off of the Christmas season by lighting the tree.

Well, we were fortunate to have our own lighting ceremony today when we officially connected the lights to our new signs that were put up recently. It is a pretty cool contrast to see how it looks in the day versus  how it look at night:

Sign as seen during the day

As seen at night - crisp, clean, and beautiful. In fact, this turned out much better than we expected with much more visibility.

We were thrilled with how this turned out and very impressed with the quality of work of the entire Yesco Sign team. They were fast, efficient, on time, and on budget. We thoroughly enjoyed our association with them and would highly recommend them to others.

Now that the sign is up we can begin our advanced marketing efforts to our community as a beacon or symbol of the hope that next generation health care services can bring.


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Day 47: Succinct Health Care – Is there an app for that?

Succinct (sək-sĭngkt’) adj.

  1. Characterized by clear, precise expression in few words; concise and terse.
  2. Marked by or consisting of few words that are carefully chosen

The other day I was having a conversation with our Director of Membership Experience Stephen Gaines regarding how ineffective and inadequate the current health care experience is for patients.  As our conversation wound around we ended up discussing some principles from Stephen R. Covey’s book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People“. I suggested that Stephen should purchase the book as it is a great read on alot of levels. Before I could even finish the conversation, Stephen had pulled out his iPhone, typed a few things into his Amazon app, and before I had finished my conversational paragraph he announced, “Cool, I just ordered it.”

It gave me pause.

I had thought he was just texting someone or taking notes but rather he was acting in real time on my suggestions right then. Since we were talking about the type of experience we want our members to have, I was struck by how seamless, how effortless, and how painless it was for Stephen to complete a transaction. I thought about the app itself how it had already obtained all of Stephen’s demographic information, his credit card, authentication; I thought about Amazon how they are organized to store, ship, and deliver the book; and I thought about the consumer experience being able to get what they want when they wanted it literally a touch of a button.

The next day Stephen sent a slight smug text that “the book just arrived” – less than 24 hours, to the right place, with the right merchandise, at the right agreed upon price, and all done in an effortless way.


Contrast that with your typical health care experience – every turn, every step, every interaction another major roadblock or transactional barrier to get through. Think about how you make an appointment, how you pay for care, how you stand in line for medications, how you wait on hold for answers, how you can’t get what you need, when you need, for a price you can understand, and a manner that is satisfying.

Where is the health care App that could make my interactions with the health system this smooth? What organization or entity is removing these barriers, smoothing out the rough transactional edges, and helping people achieve a seamless, effortless, satisfying conclusion to their health care need? For a long time I have thought about how this could actually work, how you could create a “health care app” that would allow this type of experience to be possible.

Obviously health care is complex; it is confusing, it is a conundrum of the highest magnitude. While reducing this complexity to a “health care app” might not be possible, I think you can approximate this with a health care advisory service designed specifically to abstract all the complexities of health care into a single, succinct experience for individuals.

Crossover Health is attempting to replicate the transactional effortlessness of the above example through our membership programs which include a health care advisory service. Essentially, using our the HelloHealth software platform as the enabling technology, we build membership programs include member concierge services to begin to approach the smoothness and effortless of a health care app. If you want the opportunity to experience this type of care, we look forward to having you join us for impending launch of our Crossover Health flagship store in Aliso Viejo.

Simple. Succinct. Coming soon!


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Day 49: “Magically” raising the Bar in Primary Care

Magic (măj’ĭk) adj.

  1. Possessing distinctive qualities that produce unaccountable or baffling effects.
  2. Of, relating to, or invoking the supernatural

The California Health Care Foundation does some really good work. I listened to their President Mark Smith give a speech at the Microsoft conference last June and came away really impressed with him and what the organization is all about.  They also generate quite a few solid reports on issues affecting Californians but also as representative of what the rest of the nation can look forward to as well.

An interesting report that was recently issued related to the supply of California physicians.  The report is basically a powerpoint, which is really smart, because in our world of information overload a powerpoint is about all the detail you can swallow on a quick scan through. Four of the slides really caught my attention as they told a compelling story of what has happened to primary care.

We begin our review by noting that general physician supply has been flat for the last 15 years. There are a variety of reasons for this including economic alternatives, fixed number of medical schools, and the length of training versus the end payoff during the career.

Medical Graduates has remained flat in the CA for last 15 years while population has grown 40% during that time.

The flat physician supply is bad enough, but coupled with more than a decade of medical school graduates choosing specialties (less than 10% remain in primary care), we see a growing disparity in the numbers going into these safety net fields. The multifactorial reasons why graduates don’t pursue care in primary medicine relates to revenue model, business model, intensity of work, and job satisfaction among others.

California barely meets the nationally recognized standard for numbers of primary care physicians.

This is demonstrated in the attached slide showing the payment disparities between specialties. While primary care has enjoyed a recent increase it salary it has only moved from a running joke to a one liner. the 20% increase still puts it dead last in compensation and ~$15K lower than the next closest specialty.

While primary care has enjoyed a 20% increase, it is still $15K lower than the next lowest paid specialty.

To add insult to injury, California Primary Care Physicians are not just economically under appreciated as a specialty, they are also under appreciated geographically when compared to their peers. In one of the most expensive places in the country, they only make about 88% of what their peers make in other states.

When comparing CA PCP's against their peers in other states, they earned about 90% of national average.

Putting this all together paints a pretty tough picture for primary care – flat physician supply, only 5-8% of grads going in primary care, as a result of low pay, and for those choosing to stay in California they are rewarded with even less relative pay comparing to their PCP peers in other states.  These are all big macroeconomic trends that will take a long time to correct.

However, in the short run, at Crossover Health we believe that we give PCP’s HOPE that there is a better way, HOPE that there is a brighter day, and HOPE that they can either once again return to the medicine they loved to practice or forge ahead in creating an entirely new type of health care based on membership business model, using a powerful technology platform, and creating a new value network of specialist and ancillary providers. We believe we can raise the bar through each of these innovation singly, but when synergistically applied, we think we have something magic. 

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