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Day 40 through Day 5: Its all a blur

Blur (blûr) v.

  1. To make indistinct and hazy in outline or appearance; obscure.
  2. To smear or stain; smudge.
  3. To lessen the perception of

As those who follow this blog know, we have been counting down from the 90 day mark toward our grand opening. The actual countdown has been expanded by the time-space continuum in that as you approach the speed of light time actually slows down.

Crossover Health Showroom feature wall and self check in area.
Crossover is all about a simple, affordable, and efficient health care experience.

However, the last 35 days have zoomed by without me providing the regular updates so here you go:

  • Finished buildout
  • Finished finish work
  • Completed cement work in Showroom
  • Build out of furniture (we did it all at Ikea!)
  • Worked out workflow issues with new software, new site, and new team
  • Build out XR room
  • Completed marketing campaign
  • Finished new website
  • Repainted extra space
  • Cleaned up, hauled out, polished up, rubbed off, and general spitshine
  • Invited friends and family to join us in Opening!

The good news is alot of it was captured on video or time lapse and I will be making some pointed comments in future posts regarding several aspects of our buildout and preparations for launch. Needless to say, it was a fabulous experience and we worked with an amazing high end retail builder – Display It – to create a space that is equal to the opportunity that we are pursuing. So take a long look . . . its all a blur to me.


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Day 47: Succinct Health Care – Is there an app for that?

Succinct (sək-sĭngkt’) adj.

  1. Characterized by clear, precise expression in few words; concise and terse.
  2. Marked by or consisting of few words that are carefully chosen

The other day I was having a conversation with our Director of Membership Experience Stephen Gaines regarding how ineffective and inadequate the current health care experience is for patients.  As our conversation wound around we ended up discussing some principles from Stephen R. Covey’s book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People“. I suggested that Stephen should purchase the book as it is a great read on alot of levels. Before I could even finish the conversation, Stephen had pulled out his iPhone, typed a few things into his Amazon app, and before I had finished my conversational paragraph he announced, “Cool, I just ordered it.”

It gave me pause.

I had thought he was just texting someone or taking notes but rather he was acting in real time on my suggestions right then. Since we were talking about the type of experience we want our members to have, I was struck by how seamless, how effortless, and how painless it was for Stephen to complete a transaction. I thought about the app itself how it had already obtained all of Stephen’s demographic information, his credit card, authentication; I thought about Amazon how they are organized to store, ship, and deliver the book; and I thought about the consumer experience being able to get what they want when they wanted it literally a touch of a button.

The next day Stephen sent a slight smug text that “the book just arrived” – less than 24 hours, to the right place, with the right merchandise, at the right agreed upon price, and all done in an effortless way.


Contrast that with your typical health care experience – every turn, every step, every interaction another major roadblock or transactional barrier to get through. Think about how you make an appointment, how you pay for care, how you stand in line for medications, how you wait on hold for answers, how you can’t get what you need, when you need, for a price you can understand, and a manner that is satisfying.

Where is the health care App that could make my interactions with the health system this smooth? What organization or entity is removing these barriers, smoothing out the rough transactional edges, and helping people achieve a seamless, effortless, satisfying conclusion to their health care need? For a long time I have thought about how this could actually work, how you could create a “health care app” that would allow this type of experience to be possible.

Obviously health care is complex; it is confusing, it is a conundrum of the highest magnitude. While reducing this complexity to a “health care app” might not be possible, I think you can approximate this with a health care advisory service designed specifically to abstract all the complexities of health care into a single, succinct experience for individuals.

Crossover Health is attempting to replicate the transactional effortlessness of the above example through our membership programs which include a health care advisory service. Essentially, using our the HelloHealth software platform as the enabling technology, we build membership programs include member concierge services to begin to approach the smoothness and effortless of a health care app. If you want the opportunity to experience this type of care, we look forward to having you join us for impending launch of our Crossover Health flagship store in Aliso Viejo.

Simple. Succinct. Coming soon!


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Day 52: Director of Members Experience: Imagineering the Future of Health

* Guest post by Stephen Gaines, Crossover Health’s Director of Member Experience. He previously discussed the value of membership and now shares his unique role at the company to ensure each and every member experiences next generation care.

The Disney Influence

Living in Orange County, California, it’s next to impossible not notice the “Disney Influence.”  Most of us at one time or another have had annual passes (I have mine) to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure.  We’ve visited the resort to Celebrate birthdays, family reunions and even an played an occasional day of hookey from the office.  We’ve spent an evening or two at Downtown Disney and have been mesmerized each night at by the 9:30 fireworks.

The thing that makes the Disney Experience so magical is what happens behind the scenes.  Everything from the architecture to the ride engineering are the brain-children of Disney Imagineers.  Imagineers are a diverse group of individuals with over 140 different job titles – all working for one important goal of “telling great stories and creating great places.”

At Crossover Health, we to want to tell great stories and create great places.  In my last blog I discussed the benefits of Membership.  Today, I’d like to take it a step further and discuss my role as Crossover Health’s Director of Membership Experience – in short I’m a key member of Crossover’s Imagineering Department.

Healthcare Re-Imagined

I realize on first pass, my title sounds very different. Who’s ever heard of a Director of Membership Experience anyway?  It sounds a little esoteric.  However, once you look at what the Crossover Experience encompasses, it completely makes sense.

Like Walt Disney’s vision of a new kind of amusement park, our founder Dr. Scott Shreeve, Imagines the possibility of Healthcare in a completely different light.  He envisions a “patient-centered primary care network that remove the barriers of how care is practiced, delivered, and experienced.

What does this vision look like?

Like 99.9% of the population, I too have frustrating stories to tell when it comes to healthcare. My healthcare experience has, like many others, has been a reactive experience to whatever ails me at the time.

I will be an advocate for improving the day to day member experience.  Everything from the way members intact with the Crossover Team to the extended Crossover Network to the many benefits offered as part of membership will be imagined and re-imagined.

Our Healthcare model takes on a customer-centric feel of a fine retailer.  “Patients” will be referred to as “members.”  Customer care will centered around what’s best for them as apposed to what’s best for their insurance company.

Crossover Members will soon have the benefit of a proactive approach to healthcare.  Imagine being able to interact with your doctor the way you’d interact with any other professional.  Taking part in personalized healthcare blueprint that creates goals specific to the needs of it’s member.  Member specific services and events like a Member Concierge, interesting workshops and field trips.

My Background

My professional background is a mixture of Retail Leadership and technology.  Most recently, I had the opportunity to serve for nine years as a Store Leader for Apple, Inc. The genesis of Apple Retail was core to the very survival of Apple as a brand. But the result was the creation of a retail standard that didn’t exist then and is rarely experienced now.  As a store leader, I helped create and implement that retail standard.

From that experience, I firmly believe that:

  • People are passionate about how they spend their money
  • Customer service is key
  • People have questions and concerns – address them!
  • People want to be heard
  • Don’t forget the follow-up
  • Use of technology is crucial
  • Don’t forget to apologize when needed

Like Walt Disney and his Imagineers, we’ve envisioned a reality that doesn’t exist.  My intention is to help Dr. Shreeve and our growing team create and implement a new healthcare standard.  One that I might add, is desperately needed.  I’ll be bridging my retail experience and customer service philosophy with the Crossover team to help bring this vision to reality.

Hi ho, here we go!

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Day 54: Learning from AMEX why membership has its privileges

* This is a guest post by Stephen Gaines, our Director of Membership Experience at Crossover Health. He will be talking about his role, what he does, and how everything we do is focused around how the Crossover brand can consistent deliver an exceptional experience in future posts

In 1958, American Express redefined the “Charge Card,” by introducing the American Express Card.  The card was a far cry from today’s modern Credit Cards.  It was made of paper and had the card members name typed on it.  The membership fee was $6 a year and required the member to pay the balance in-full each month.  What made membership so popular was the worldwide network of offices, travel agents and associated banks that were available to card members.  Before it’s release date of October 1, 1958, American Express had issued more than 250,000 cards!

As American Express Card evolved, it earned a reputation for the having the highest customer service standard.  AMEX employees were regularly encouraged to go above and beyond the call of duty.  One representative hand delivered a card in the middle of the night to a stranded cardholder at Boston’s Logan airport.  Another instance involved a representative in New Delhi who arranged for another representative’s brother (a military helicopter pilot stationed close to the caller) to deliver cash to an AMEX Gold cardholder who was stranded in a remote village in the Himalayas.

History is about to repeat itself. Starting this fall, Crossover Health will redefine healthcare as we know it by introducing a new standard in healthcare.  Like American Express, Crossover Health will feature a membership based experience that rivals fine hotels and retailers.  Imagine having care that allows your physician to practice medicine independent of insurance companies while offing unprecedented access.  And best of all – it’s affordable!

When did going to the Doctor become so negative?

Today, visiting a physician’s office is rarely a pleasant experience.   We’ve all grown accustomed to reading back issues of People Magazine while we wait for our notoriously late physician.  Once inside, we’re lucky if we have 10 minutes and a full conversation.

Back in the day, physicians were held in high esteem.  Changing doctors was unheard of because people stayed with their doctor long-term.  Doctor’s offices were a place of community not disharmony.  The result has left most patients feeling blasé about there healthcare experience.   Bad customer service, insurance coverage complications, and the inability to cross compare service pricing have resulted in high patient defections.

The truth of the matter is, we’ve become so accustomed this type of medical treatment, that we don’t expect anything different.

Membership Privileges

This fall, Crossover Health will introduce a new standard in membership focused healthcare.  Crossover Health will combine world class customer service, straight-forward pricing, and a suite of healthcare tools, services and resources that will be exclusive benefits for its members.

Physician Interaction

Physician interaction has traditionally been limited to office visits.  However, Crossover Health intends to change the way we interact with our physician.  Imagine attending weekly workshops, benefiting from a tight partnership between a third-party healthcare provider or taking part in a special field trip to a local organic supermarket – all lead by your physician!

Proactive Goal Setting

Most physicians today only see patients when there is a urgent need.  Rarely if ever are patients seen outside of an illness or injury.  Crossover Health intends to change this experience by seeing patients before something happens.  Members will have the ability to create Annual Healthcare Blueprints in partnership with their physician and a trusted third-party providers such as personal trainers and nutritionists.  These blueprints will create a framework and set goals fort he coming year.

Better Communication through Technology

Although, physicians tools have changed a lot over the years, patient communication is still limited.  Patients are demanding communication standards that are used in regular forms of business like: email, instant messaging and video chat.  Crossover Health will employ all three methods for it’s members.

As American Express did in the 1950’s, Crossover Health will define a higher standard in healthcare – one that will be affordable, accessible and patient focused.  Keep an eye out for Crossover’s new location opening this fall in Aliso Viejo, California.

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